Miss Anthropy ‘SEEDS’ tour+album promo video

Miss Anthropy ‘SEEDS’ tour promo video:

The Artist
A dark and fragile songstress from Bristol UK, Miss Anthropy creates intimately deep and emotionally delicate music. Live performances are stunningly raw, honestly expressed with her acoustic guitar and beautifully grounded by two other live multi-instrumentalists. Musical roots stem from Portishead, PJ Harvey, Ani Di Franco and Martina Topley-Bird.

The New Album
Her second album ‘Seeds’ has a sensuously simplistic delivery, with a more natural approach and unrefined surface than her 1st album ‘New Leaves’. The new songs marry acoustic delivery with earthy dissonance. The tracks are laced with intertwined vocal harmonies that overlay a field of low-fi and organic beauty. The album features some unusual instruments such as a Ukulele and Hommel and was recorded in the inspirational medieval city of Utrecht, Netherlands. ‘Seeds’ will be released April 15th 2013 through Inner City Grit Records.

The Tour
Miss Anthropy will be touring in April 2013 to promote her new album across The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. Available exclusively on the tour will be the first pressing of the new album, which, (like the first album), will be a highly limited edition fabric pack entirely handmade by Miss Anthropy herself. Please see below for tour dates:

17.04.2013 — Hafen2, Offenbach, Germany
18.04.2013 — White Rabbit, Freiberg, Germany,
19.04.2013 — Café Mokka, Thun, Switzerland
20.04.2013 — Metricubi, Venice, Italy
21.04.2013 — L’isola Condorita, Margarita, Italy
22.04.2013 — Gatto, Milano, Italy
23.04.2013 — Prima Luna, Berne, Switzerland
24.04.2013 — Bar Rossi, Zurich, Switzerland
25.04.2013 — JUZ, Mannheim, Germany
26.04.2013 — Eureka, Zwolle, Netherlands
27.04.2013 — Pollination Huiskamer, Utrecht, Netherlands
28.04.2013 — Ruigoord Church, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bandcamp: http://missanthropy.bandcamp.com/ 

Press Quotes
Anthropy allows the clever use of delay to create mesmerizing webs of sound that can calm any storm in an audience” — Richard Foster, Incendiary Magazine

Menacing with whispered vocals, thundering bass and more backwards noises” — James Bentley, Room13

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